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Chautauqua Woods Tutorial, LLC is a nature-based Montessori tutorial on the outskirts of Ruston, Louisiana. We began as a community of families, tutors, and friends committed to an intentional, holistic learning environment rooted in the teaching of Maria Montessori. Now that we have a campus and have expanded our program to include a primary class, we have begun the first steps toward becoming an accredited school. Montessori felt education was a natural process carried out by the child, with the role of the tutor as a guide through an academic curriculum and a learning environment arranged to engage and guide the child within a community of respect—instilling in the child an awareness of our responsibility to one another and the wider world. We encourage a closeness with nature and care of the Earth—our children love being outdoors. Our days begin and end outside with free play, gardening, learning, building snail homes—exploring.


Our community is dedicated to supporting children on their journey to adulthood. We strive to provide learning opportunities that will foster respect for the self, the community, and the natural world. It is our hope that our community of life long learners will engender curiosity, ingenuity, persistence, and joy.

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